Click “Leave Management” menu to Manage all Leave action.

If you are Admin or Department Head then you can access Pending Approval, All Leaves, My Leaves, Leaves Report, Apply Leave and you can create Leave category.

As a user can access My Leaves, Leaves Report, Apply to Leave.

Pending Approval:

In Pending Approval, you can see all Leave which is pending. You can Print Leave Report, Download as XLSX, CSV or PDF format. You can also view more details of Leave report and Approve or Reject a Leave report, Delete a Leave report.

My Leaves:

In My Leaves, you can see all the leave report that you created.

All Leave:

In All Leave, you can see all the user leave report.

Apply leave:

You can also Apply a New Leave Report. Fill up all info and click “Submit” to Submit the Leave report.

Leave Report:

In Leave Report, All leaves are shown in Pie chart.

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