Click “Knowledge Base button then click  “Knowledge Base” to see all Knowledge Base Articles and Categories.

You can see everything according to the category or Search a Question in the Search Bar.

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Knowledge Base Articles:

Click “Knowledge Base” button then click “Articles” to see all Knowledge Base Articles.

You can Create New Articles, Print Articles, Download Articles (XLSX, CSV, PDF Format), View more details. You can also View, Edit, Delete an existing article.

Knowledge Base Articles

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You can Create a New Invoice by clicking “New Articles”.  Fill up all info and click “Save” to Save the New Article.

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Knowledge Base Categories:

Click “Knowledge Base” button then click “Category” to see all Knowledge Base Categories.

You can Create New Category, Print Category, Download Category (XLSX, CSV, PDF Format), View more details. You can also Edit, Delete an existing Category.

Knowledge Base Category

Create New Category :

You can Create a New Category by clicking “New Category”.  Fill up all info in the PopUp menu and click “Save” to Save the New Category.

Knowledge Base New Category

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