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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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1. Why I get security header not valid when setting up Paypal?

Paypal security header is not valid error message can be shown because of the following reasons: You have set up live credentials and you have turned Test mode to ON. If you want to test you need to set TEST credentials and have Paypal Sandbox Account. You have white spaces in your credentials. Eq. api_username_ 1a242jdj2455 – You see how much white spaces after the Eq. You put wrong API credential in wrong place ex. API Signature data you put in the API Username field inside Ultimate CRM Paypal fields.

1. What’s the difference between leads and opportunity?

Leads: This is the first stage. A lead is someone who can be trailed to convert into a business opportunity in the future. Marketers generate leads on a regular basis and feed them to the sales team. Opportunity: The advanced stage of the contact. As the name suggests, a sales person sees the opportunity of the closure. Here, the discussions are in final stage – about pricing, terms of service, competitors evaluation etc.

1. Can I Use Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO Without Internet on Localhost Installation?

Generally, you can use Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO without internet on localhost installation but you will need to lose the benefits from some features as for example: Dropbox file chooser Pusher.com real-time notifications. Auto updates. Google reCaptcha Media All Online payment gateways E-Signature (v2.0.0 and above) The mentioned features you won’t even need when using Perfex CRM in offline mode but it’s worth mentioning it.

1. Why I Can’t Add Contact with Duplicate Email?

The contacts email are unique because of the email piping/auto importing tickets feature and because the email is used for login. If you have an email address that is not unique in the system database the script won’t know the company to link the imported ticket.

1. Getting HTTP ERROR 500

If you are getting HTTP ERROR 500, this means that there is some error thrown in the back-end which is causing Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO to stop working.

1. Is RTL supported on PDF documents?

Yes, We provide RTL support and PDF document.

1. Can i use Cloudflare with Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO?

Yes, you can use Cloudflare with Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO.

1. Can you do customization?

Yes, we can customize work for you. Click here. What you see in the demo is what comes with your purchase, in case you need anything different to fulfill your requirements, we will develop it for you. Test in the demo and if Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO fits for your requirements feel free to buy, additionally, we highly recommend to check the support policy too If you found any bugs, then feel free to report them via our support system and the bug will be fixed.

1. How to Set Development/Debug Mode?

If you are developing custom features for Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO or you are experiencing internal server error, you can turn debug mode to see any error messages. To turn debug/development mode navigate to the directory where Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO is installed and find index.php. Open the file and find: define('ENVIRONMENT', 'production'); Change this to: define('ENVIRONMENT', 'development'); In case there are errors thrown that can be visible on screen, you will be able to see the errors now, additionally, the errors will be logged in application/logs, you may want to check this directory too. Do not forget to turn it back when you finish with debugging.

1. Can I Translate Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO ?

Yes! You can translate Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO very easily. Follow the documentation instructions and translate into your own language.

1. What Is Base URL?

Base URL is Codeigniter required configuration and is the URL where your system will be installed. Eq. If you are installing on a subdomain with name crm, you will set http://www.crm.domain.com/ Eq. If you are installing on subfolder with name crm, you will set http://www.domain.com/crm/ Eq. If you are installing on the main domain you need to set just http://www.domain.com/ When installing the system will auto try to guess your base URL however you can adjust to your needs. Keep in mind that the base URL must end with a trailing slash (/) For SSL use eq. https://www.yourdomain.com/crm/

1. Does None Admin Staff Member Will Be Able to See All Media Library Uploads?

If the logged staff member is not administrator wont be able to see all media library data. Each staff member have separate folder inside the media/ folder in your server except the administrators. The attachments the none admin staff member upload will go to their own folder. In future if you make this staff member admin then will be able to see all media uploads.

1. How to Hide the Help Menu Item?

To hide the help menu item navigate to Setup->Settings->Misc and set Show help menu item on setup menu to No

1. Why Table Exporting Only Export the Current Page?

The export from the table works like this way only the current view so if a lot data is found in the database to prevent crash thats how the datatables export work. You will need to export by page. Additionaly you can select All from the top left dropdown above the table headings and wait to load all the data from database.

1. What Is the Reminders Feature in Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO?

The reminders feature in Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO is designed for staff members, the member will be notified about some action they need to take (eq. Call customer, Schedule meeting), this option allows you to never forget anything about your customers. When you setup reminder for staff member in a specific date the staff member will get notification built-in and email if the field to send an email to this staff member is checked.

1. How to Move Company Details to Right Side and Customer Details to Left in PDF?

In some countries customer details is required to be on the left side. With Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO you can achieve this very easy by navigating to Setup->Settings->PDF and set Swap Company/Customer Details to YES Save the settings. Now on all PDF documents your company details will be shown on the right side of the PDF document and your customer details will be on the left.

1. How to Hide Transactions on Invoice Pdf?

If you dont want transactions/payments to be shown on the invoice pdf document you can turn off by navigatin to Setup->Settings->PDF and set to NO Show invoice payments (transactions) on PDF

1. I Don’t See the Delete Button for Estimate/Invoice?

There is protection implemented to keep the numbers without gaps, by default delete is only allowed on the last created estimate/invoice. If you don’t need this protection navigate to Setup->Settings->Finance and find: Delete estimate allowed only on last estimate – Set to NO Decrement estimate number on delete – Set to NO These settings can be applied too in case you want to delete only 1 invoice/estimate and after you delete reset the settings to YES again. Repeat the same steps for invoices if needed.

1. How to Check What Version I’m Using?

There is multiple ways to check your version: Navigate to application/config/migration.php and find $config[‘migration_version’] If you are login you can check settings/system_update

1. How to increase max upload size?

You must change 2 php.ini directives, the post_max_size directive, and upload_max_filesize directive to be equal to the post_max_size directive. Example to increase max upload size to 64MB, add the below code to your php.ini file. upload_max_filesize = 25M post_max_size = 25M Keep in mind that in most cases restart to Apache will be required in order to changes to take effect, if you are using shared hosting and your hosting provider allows you to change the php.ini directives from cPanel UI, the restart is already handled by your hosting provider.

1. What Is Non Staff Member?

A non staff member is a feature in Ultimate Project Manager which allow you to have a member like a contract worker to work on projects, means that the staff is not actually an employee in your company but it’s a freelancer/contractor. Some area of the CRM PRO is disabled for not staff members. Here is a list of the disabled features for non staff member. Announcements Newsfeed wall Leads Support – Default is NO you can adjust this for your needs at Setup->Settings->Tickets Public Calendar Events Google Calendar Events Goals. You can add if you want other Permissions to this staff member like Invoice [VIEW] permission and this staff member will be able to access. If you need to set a user as non staff member navigate to Setup->Staff open the user and check the checkbox field Not Staff Member